ISPGHAN 2018 ePoster Template

Guidelines for E poster
The E poster will be on a large TV screens 40 to 50 inches in size at multiple sites at the conference venue. All screens will have all the posters, which can be searched by author name & disease.

For your poster to be readable please read the following guidelines carefully

  • Minimum Font size 24
  • Present the matter in bullet point format (avoid too much prose) under the following headings & rough proportions.
    1. Aims/Introduction ( 10%)
    2. Methods (20%)
    3. Results ; use figures & tables where possible (40%)
    4. Discussion (20%)
    5. Conclusion (5 %)
    6. References ; max 5 only with first author name et al.

E posters to be sent to email ID by latest 15th October, 2018.